Local Turkish Organizations and Projects

American Friends of Turkey (AFOT) A non-profit established in 1982, AFOT’s focus is on creating opportunities for Americans to be exposed to Turkey’s uniquely rich history and culture, and current trends in Turkey in education, the environment, literature and the arts.

American Turkish Association of Washington, DC (ATA-DC) A non-political, non-profit charitable organization founded in 1965 to promote better understanding between the American and Turkish people through social, educational, cultural and charitable activities.

Assembly of Turkish American Associations (ATAA) A non-profit umbrella organization for local chapters throughout the United States established in 1979, which serves to empower the Turkish Americans through civic engagement, and to support strong US-Turkish relations through education and advocacy.

Turkayfe/Turkish International Coffee House Turkey’s international and digital coffeehouse is the first social networking website dedicated to promote Turkey through real people’s experiences!

Turkic American Alliance (TAA) Non-profit organization which promotes cultural understanding of Turkic culture composed of citizens from Central Asia, Anatolia and Balkans.

Turkish Cultural Foundation (TCF) A non-political, non-profit foundation founded in 2000 to promote and preserve Turkish culture and heritage worldwide through original programming.

Turkish Coalition of America (TCA) An independent, U.S.-based nonprofit founded in 2007 to build bridges between the United States and Turkey through advocacy, scholarship and educational programs.

Turkish Festival Washington, DC The Turkish Festivals mission is to promote Turkey and its rich and diverse culture in the nation’s capital, and to build a bridge of friendship between the Turks and Americans through cultural education and understanding.

Washington, DC Turkish Restaurant Week A project started by ATA-DC in September 2008, featuring the finest Turkish Restaurants of the Washington DC Metropolitan area. Each restaurant creates a unique menu for the week, which represents the rich, diverse and delicious traditions of Turkish Cuisine.

Other Folk Dance Groups

Collage Dance Ensemble One of Boston’s advocates for multicultural collective expression. Exemplifying their mission to promote harmony between people from different cultural and social backgrounds, Ahmet Lüleci integrates Eastern European traditional performance with modern Western techniques.

Group Yore Founded in 2005 founded by several folkdance instructors to teach the basics of Turkish ethnic dances from different regions of Turkey.

Nomad Dancers a collective, inspired by traditions of Azerbaijan, India, Persia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan, traveling across borders and bridging cultures in search of the ultimate dance experience.

Silk Road Dance Company Founded in 1995, this group’s costuming and spirited dance bring forth cultures and traditions of Silk Road.

Penn State University's: Turquiose Turkish Folk Dance Group Turquoise is a committee under Turkish Student Association (TSA), and welcomes all Penn State affiliates. The group endeavors to promote Turkish culture by incorporating various dances from different regions of Turkey to better represent cultural diversity in Turkey.

Non-profits that Support Causes in Turkey

Bridge to Turkiye Fund A 100% volunteer-run, grassroots philanthropic bridge between the United States and Turkey. Organized for charitable purposes, BTF is devoted to identifying and mobilizing grassroots diaspora resources in order to raise and distribute philanthropic funds benefiting the socio-economically disadvantaged segments of Turkish society.

Turkish Philanthropy Funds A New York based public charity that helps donors realize their philanthropic goals to meet community needs in the U.S. and in Turkey.